• Firearms are inherently dangerous and can cause death or serious physical injury. Firearms should be handled and used ONLY by persons who have been properly trained and qualified in their use, handling and safekeeping.
  • The Constant Companion concealment system contains no safety features. It is designed for all safe conditions of carry as defined by your firearm’s manufacturer. Be sure to first read the safety instructions for your particular handgun before use with this product.
  • A manual safety is not a guarantee. Carrying a firearm with a live cartridge in the chamber increases the risk of accidental discharge. Pistols and revolvers without an external manual safety should only be carried with the firing pin or hammer resting on an empty chamber.
  • Never place your finger inside the trigger guard while holstering or removing your gun from the holster. Never attempt to release the safety or cock the hammer while inside the pocket. Use extreme caution to always point your handgun in a safe direction and be sure that the muzzle does not cover any portion of your body.
  • The Constant Companion ™ concealment system is designed to fit wide range of modern handguns. For best results, the system is designed to function with handguns having a maximum overall length of less than 7.5 inches.
  • Guns with sharp corners, edges, or protrusions are not recommended and may snag while attempting to draw. External attachments such as lasers, sights, extended magazines, flashlights, rubberized grips, or other modifications to the handgun may cause improper fit and are not acceptable for use with the Constant Companion concealment system.
  • After purchasing your Constant Companion ™ concealment system, test with an UNLOADED handgun for proper fit. Double check to insure that the magazine has been removed and firing chamber(s) are empty. Never place a loaded firearm in the pocket without first testing it for proper fit.
  • Your Constant Companion ™ concealment system has no retention device. It is designed to maintain the firearm in the pocket using gravity and the extreme depth of the pocket. Your firearm should be held in place by hand during vigorous physical activity.
  • Regularly check for wear and tear. If your Constant Companion ™ concealment system becomes defective in any way, cease use immediately.
  • Concealed carry is regulated in most states. You are responsible for obtaining the proper permits and complying with all applicable state and local laws.