Constant Companion
Rapid Access - Deep Concealment - No Compromise

Until now, concealed carry has always been a trade-off. Medium and full sized handguns with sufficient stopping power are difficult to conceal. It is often necessary to wear a jacket, vest or other bulky, uncomfortable or seasonally inappropriate clothing to prevent exposure. Deeper concealment using belly bands, inside-the shirt holsters, ankle holsters, crotch carry, and fanny packs are uncomfortable and require exaggerated motions for a two-handed draw, as one hand pulls aside clothing and the other hand reaches for the gun. The movement required to prepare to draw takes precious seconds and gives away the element of surprise. This leads many to resort to the comfort and convenience of pocket carry. A pocket is a fine place for a wallet or your car keys but it was never designed to hold a firearm. Pockets on most clothing tend to be shallow, flimsy, tight, and full of pocket lint. Handguns tend to print on the outside of the pants and tend to get stuck when trying to draw under stress. For these reasons, pocket carry is typically limited to small caliber, low capacity “pocket pistols”.

The Constant Companion™ concealment system has been engineered to allow the wearer to pocket carry duty sized guns in the specially designed front pocket. Special tailoring of the side seam shifts the front pocket to a position where a handgun can be comfortably concealed on the outer thigh. Through experience we have found that the outer thigh carry position causes the least discomfort when sitting, running, driving and performing other activities. It is also the natural resting place of your hand when standing. It is completely natural to stand with your hand in your pocket where you may grip the handgun in a concealed manner without prematurely revealing your firearm. Once the critical need arises, the low cut pocket allows the wearer to draw the firearm much faster than from a traditional concealment holster. The pocket opening is widened to allow rapid access. Extra width is provided in the thigh to allow the pants to fit normally without creating stress points around the gun. The gun is further concealed by the placement of a cargo pocket over the outer thigh. The ballistic nylon interior lining of the pocket prevents printing and provides a lint free, non-snagging surface while the shape of the pocket keeps the gun upright, secure and ready to draw.

The Constant Companion™ overcomes the need for compromise associated with other concealed carry methods. It allows the wearer to deeply conceal a firearm without compromising on stopping power, comfort, speed of access, or risk of accidental exposure.